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If you enjoy the musings on Live Messy! then have a look at our book. It’s a collision between Lord of the Rings and American Pie and it puts Game of Thrones to shame…  It’s the most entertaining, modern, accessible fantasy novel ever; it even includes topical themes that impact our society today.  You’ll love it, that’s a Messy guarantee!



Alba was the first human nation ever established with “Elven” principles of equality and freedom of choice at its core. For decades, Alba was a bastion of hope in a turbulent world.

But now the nation is crumbling. Alba’s Dons have become arrogant and aloof. They dream of empires to feed their egos. They mortgage their children’s future to fund a legacy that no one wants and no one needs.

The Elves are horrified; their precious project is about to fail…so they decide that a little regime change is in order. If Alba’s Dons have lost their way then Alba’s youth must step up and take their place.

Carolyn is sent to find a team and forge them into the weapon of choice.

She chooses Axel, Tristan, Raife and Mick. Boisterous louts who’ve trained from birth to fight as a unit, their job is to deliver victory in any setting, against any odds. But they’re not ready yet. They’re untested and incomplete. They laugh and joke and bumble through college while the ship around them sinks.

Carolyn has other plans. She will make them intervene or she will break them if they fail.

The boys didn’t want to get involved, they haven’t even graduated, but they’re in the fight now…and heaven help all those who stand in their way.

“Topical, thoughtful, and terrifically entertaining, Weapon of Choice is a modern fantasy epic brimming with magic and mystery and more twists than a tangled slinky. The characters feel real. The imagery is breathtaking and the journey will give you goosebumps.”

Find it here on Amazon:

Weapon of Choice on Amazon.com

Weapon of Choice on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Just tried to purchase your book but I cannot from UAE. I just have to wait until next time I am in the UK. Fear not I will contribute to the royalty fund sooner or later! I am intrigued and busting with interest!

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